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Gooding Co. Inc.

The What:

Create a website for a company headquartered in Lockport, NY that manufactures inserts and outserts for the pharmaceutical industry. 

And How:

First, let's address what are inserts and outserts. Simply put, they are the folded leaflets containing drug information that are inserted with or attached to pharmaceutical products.

Flynn & Friends designed this website to position Gooding as the industry leader in producing these inserts and outserts – an important point of differentiation in a highly regulated and competitive industry.

Part of this approach included the development of the company’s tagline – “The insert outsert experts”. It also included coordinating and producing a video called “Take a Tour With Jerry”. Since the sales process typically involves an actual on-site tour, we developed this video, featuring the company president, to serve as a prelude to an actual visit to the company. Through the video, prospects are able to get to know the owner and see the facility for themselves, which increases their comfort level in dealing with Gooding. We even uploaded the video to YouTube for easy access and editing.