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Goldfarb & Associates

The What:

Create a website for a small financial services firm that appealed to a sophisticated and diverse clientele of Buffalo-area individuals, businesses, and non-profits.  

And How:

Our solution was to position the firm as architects of wealth management.

As a metaphor for this creative approach, we used photos of 12 historic Buffalo buildings throughout the site, including the Ellicott Square Building where the firm’s offices are located. To add further emphasis, we included photo captions with the names of the architects responsible for each of the buildings. This architectural theme was woven throughout the copy, as well.

On page 2 (click below to view), we continued the site’s architectural metaphor using the firm’s 5-step approach to wealth management to mirror the building process, complete with construction-inspired graphics.

This website is a good example of the integrated, marketing-minded approach we take to building brands (no pun intended) and producing results.  

We didn’t simply design a website.  

We determined how to best position the firm in order to leverage their strengths and engage their audience. 

From there, we created a logo, designed the site, wrote the copy, coordinated and supervised photography of the firm’s wealth management team, managed the back-end development, which includes a customized content management system, and handled publicity.