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Creative Stuff

Flynn & Friends Holiday Gifts

The What:

Show our clients how much we appreciate them, while highlighting our creative talents, with a holiday gift. 

And How:

At Flynn & Friends, we have a tradition of designing and personalizing holiday gifts each year for our clients. One year, for instance, we made their dreams come true by naming candy bars after them. Using our trademark colors of black and gold, we designed a corrugated box that held four different flavored candy bars, all with specially designed labels that had each of our clients’ names on them.  

Another year (click page 2 below to view), we wanted to reinforce our agency’s brand identity. So we gave out chocolate pencil boxes, complete with our pencil logo on them. We then filled the inside of the boxes with foil-wrapped chocolate pencils. We packaged it all up in a cardboard box that carried the pencil theme through both the copy and graphics.