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Creative Stuff

Tuxedo Junction Prom Campaign

The What:

Appeal to the one of the most skittish audiences in the world…teenage boys…and entice them to purchase "prom insurance".

And How: 

Starring Tom, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas, and plenty of extended family members anxious to meet Karen’s prom date, this radio campaign uses a healthy dose of humor to turn a teenage boy’s worst nightmare into a reality. It was supported by print ads and postcards like the one shown here, which continued the “prom nightmare” theme.

Our radio production company liked how the campaign turned out so much they even put it on their demo reel.

:60 Radio: “Will that be paper or plastic?”

:60 Radio: “Our limo driver's really a lawyer!”

:60 Radio: “Hello, Tom!”

:60 Radio: “Jim, we know you’re in there!”