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Creative Stuff

Ride For Roswell 15th Anniversary Poster

The What:

Mark a significant anniversary in the life of this special event and help raise additional funds for the Ride For Roswell. 

And How:

Our creative approach was to use a photo mosaic as a visual metaphor for the idea that so much good can come from people working together to make a difference.

We designed this poster using more than 7,000 thumbnail photos of patients, staff, volunteers, and event organizers and riders dating back to the first year of the Ride, 1996. The photos then “worked together” to create an overall image of Roswell’s iconic hospital building and park. These posters were sold on Roswell’s website, with all proceeds benefiting Roswell Park. 

Mitch Flynn also wrote a story about the photomosaic that was published on the editorial page of The Buffalo News two weeks prior to the Ride to help create awareness and promote the event.