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Case Studies

Hilbert College

As an educational institution, Hilbert College has both depth and breadth with a number of unique and highly rated programs. Yet, prior to our hiring by the school, they had not been successfully able to translate this leadership in education into a marketing advantage. In fact, their marketing efforts had been piecemeal and scattered. There was no consistent theme or look, no consistent media strategy, and decisions were made ad hoc, without an overall plan.

By working closely with all individuals and departments that needed our services, helping each group to establish its goals, and coordinating all efforts so that a consistent, clear message was delivered to targeted markets, Flynn & Friends was able to meet - and even beat - Hilbert's expectations.

Here's how we put our strategic and creative skills to work for this gem of a small college.

Reach & Grasp

Our first work for Hilbert was done on a project basis - posters, print ads, billboards, and program brochures for admissions marketing. Early on, we developed the current logo and type identity for Hilbert and designed the print materials for a capital campaign that resulted in the construction of the school's signature building, Franciscan Hall.

After Hilbert named us agency of record, we promptly set about to create a unified, planned and professional approach to the college's marketing.

Head For Hilbert

Our strategy for Hilbert was to unify their public presence around the simple and directive slogan "Head for Hilbert.". To those three words, we attached a bold green arrow pointing upward to the college logo. We leveraged the power of outdoor, print and electronic advertising to make the "Head for Hilbert." message dominate the highways and airwaves of the school's primary market area.

We also developed a tag line to position the school against its larger local competitors. "The small school for big ambitions", described Hilbert's dual appeal as a place where "everyone knows your name" (as we were to hear numerous times when we recorded interviews for use in radio spots) and a great place to get a great education.

We also redesigned and integrated the website to be consistent with the "Head for Hilbert." campaign, and produced brochures for each of the college's nine four-year programs. In doing so, we worked with each of the school's department chairs, relationships which further developed as the chairs voiced the announcer role in the radio spots we wrote and produced for the campaign.


Most recently, we worked with Hilbert's VP for Institutional Advancement and his team to help launch a $2.5 million capital campaign. Our work was a reflection of our experience with the college, as we retold Hilbert's history in the context of its academic growth, and looked to its future as one of the bright spots in Western New York. Our work included naming it the "First Fifty" campaign, reflecting Hilbert's impending half-century anniversary; the campaign logo; case statement brochure; giving opportunities inserts; and electronic sales presentation.

The Point of All This

Knowing the best way(s) to reach the right audience with the right message in order to generate business for our clients is why we are in business. And if you've gotten this far in our story, you should have a good gauge of our ability to spread the word.

Like other of our school clients, Hilbert's enrollment numbers climbed dramatically after we became their agency of record.

Want results for your business or institution? Give us a call or send us an email. We'll tell you how we can get them for you.