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  • Hilbert College
  • St. Francis High School



The What:

Design a brochure for a workforce development partnership between the University at Buffalo and the local life sciences industry. 

And How:

A large part of the project was collecting an extensive amount of career and industry data and translating it in an engaging way to a diverse audience that included high school students, skilled and unskilled workers, and professionals with PhDs. We did this by organizing the brochure into seven career pathways.  

We then brought each pathway to life in several ways. One way was by recruiting and photographing real employees from various life sciences companies in Western New York to visually represent each pathway. We also included quotes from each of them about what it was like to work in their particular field.

Another way was by including the job outlook for each career pathway, as well as actual WNY companies that hire individuals within that field. We also displayed job titles within the pathways in a visual career hierarchy and included information on educational requirements and market rate salaries for each job title.