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St. Francis High School

The What:

Create a brochure for a Catholic, college preparatory school for boys that appealed to prospective students and their parents.  

And How:

Our creative solution involved positioning the school as the place where success starts through the theme line “Success begins at St. Francis.” To highlight this approach, we prominently featured well-known St. Francis alumni, including headshots and quotes from them explaining how the school helped put them on a path toward success. 

To add a friendlier, more modern feel, we also designed thumbnail icons that served as visual indicators of each section of the brochure. In addition, we used a combination of existing photography, as well as coordinating and directing new photography, to bring the school to life. 

Throughout the process, we worked closely with the admissions and development team to promote the school’s open houses, resulting in a series of measurably successful events.