Welcome to Our Flog [flawg]


1. A combination of the terms “Flynn & Friends” and “Blog” [flynn + blawg].

2. An online forum in which the agency considers the perils of beating dead horses, overcommunicating, underselling, and others of the many sins of the advertising tribe.

3. Occasional tangential and peripheral thoughts on The World We Live In and how it relates to The Getting and Keeping of Customers.


1. To beat with a whip, stick, etc., especially as punishment; whip; scourge. < Many ad agencies flog visitors to their websites with too much information. >

2. Slang

a. to sell, especially aggressively or vigorously. < Flogging customers with extended warranties is a good way to lose them. >

b. to promote; publicize. < The Old Glory Company hired Flynn & Friends to help it flog its flags. >

The beauty of Band-Aid solutions.

The beauty of Band-Aid solutions.The Tipping Point is, in our opinion, the greatest book on marketing ever written. We just finished re-reading it for the fifth time. Each time we travel its pages, a new perception jumps out at us. Take this one from author Malcolm Gladwell's litany of...

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An Ominous Mailing

An Ominous MailingThis came to the office earlier this week. A hand-written plain mailer with no return address and a CD with the words "Play This Now" in the same hand. Being a sucker for a good teaser mailing (we have done many here at Flynn & Friends, several with...

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Cookie cutter websites

Cookie cutter websitesProcrustes was the name of a legendary Greek bandit who literalized the concept of "one size fits all" in the most morbid of ways: he tied his victims to his bed, and if they didn't fit exactly (no one did), he'd stretch them if they were too short and...

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