Flog > The beauty of Band-Aid solutions.

Posted by Mitch Flynn

The beauty of Band-Aid solutions. The Tipping Point is, in our opinion, the greatest book on marketing ever written. We just finished re-reading it for the fifth time. Each time we travel its pages, a new perception jumps out at us. Take this one from author Malcolm Gladwell's litany of the “little things” that go into creating tipping points:

“The Band-Aid is an inexpensive, convenient, and remarkably versatile solution to an astonishing array of problems. In their history, Band-Aids have probably allowed millions of people to keep working or playing tennis or cooking or walking when they would otherwise have had to stop. The Band-Aid solution is actually the best kind of solution because it involves solving a problem with the minimum amount of effort and time and cost. We have, of course, an instinctive disdain for this kind of solution because there is something in all of us that feels true answers to problems have to be comprehensive, that there is virtue in the dogged and indiscriminate application of effort, that slow and steady should win the race. The problem, of course, is that the indiscriminate application of effort is something that is not always possible. There are times when we need a convenient shortcut, a way to make a lot out of a little, and that is what Tipping Points, in the end, are all about.”

What do you think?