Flog > Where to go? Buffalo!

Posted by Mitch Flynn

Where to go? Buffalo! There's been a lot of news of late about the efforts to promote Western New York, aka Buffalo, through the entity formerly known as the Convention Visitors Bureau (CVB), now known as Visit Buffalo Niagara (a call to action recast as a brand, which is a discussion all on its own). One of the bones, some would say boners, of contention is a video that VBN made with the theme, "Buffalo For Real". In the interests of self-promotion, here's a video we made some years ago for the CVB whose intention was much the same - heads in beds and feet on the ground of our region with the help of our lovingly shot and narration-free video. Let us know what you think.

Link: http://www.flynnandfriends.com/tv-video.php?work_id=32